Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Fly Ride

So this last weekend, I spent every second of my free time making this:

This is Big C's old car seat, and I wish I would've taken a before picture, because the difference is pretty amazing.

That old car seat cover was GROSS... plus I think it had been chewed apart by mice or something. But the frame from the car seat was perfectly fine. So after P scrubbed it down... I went to work remaking the cover.

I pretty much took the old one apart to see how it was put together. And then I made this brand new one from scratch... using some super thick quilt batting... and some great Joel Dewberry fabric I got at Bolt. This is from his "Deer Valley" line and while it's pretty bold, I quite like it. Our baby will definitely stand out in the crowd!

I also learned a lot during this project... and was glad to finally figure out the right tension on my machine for sewing with batting. I still need to find the little insert that makes the seat smaller for newborns... and remake that too.

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alicia said...

this is awesome! you could sell these, for sure!